4 Important Elements of a Proper Roofing Estimate


Before you sign a roofing estimate, make sure you have read through all of it and have made all the changes and corrections as needed. Once you sign it, it becomes the contract and gets the ball rolling. Read on as gutter and roofing contractor Achten’s Quality Roofing shares the important elements of a proper roofing estimate.

08873baf3f0452c09562d46278bd7ec993a33803 4 Important Elements of a Proper Roofing Estimate

  1. List of Materials — Also known as the “bill of materials,” this section should list all the materials that will be used for roof replacement or repair. In addition to the main roofing material, it should include the underlayment, type of flashing and accessories such as ridge caps. The material listed should match what you have discussed during consultation. If you need to make any changes and corrections, call the contractor as soon as possible.

  1. Change Procedure — There are circumstances that warrant changes while roof installation is in progress. Structural problems may be discovered after the old roof is removed, which means repairs must be conducted before installation can proceed. Or perhaps the homeowner changed their mind about the roofing material because it doesn’t match the color of the gutter guards. Whatever the reason is, the contract must outline how such changes will take place as well as who will be authorized to sign off on such changes.

  1. Scope of Work — The scope of work describes the work that needs to be done and the resources needed to accomplish it. This includes structural repairs or changes as well as the start and estimated completion dates. It may also list the number of installers needed for the project. Post-installation work such as cleanup and disposal should be included here, if not in a separate section.

  1. Payment Schedule — Legitimate contractors will never ask for the full payment upfront, therefore the estimate should have a payment schedule.  Achten’s Roofing’s payment schedule is standard for each job – we require a 50% deposit, with the remaining 50% due upon project completion.

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