5 Questions to Answer Before Buying a Chimney Cap


A chimney cap serves as the roof for your chimney. It keeps the water away, ensuring that the flue remains free from moisture at all times. Before buying one, Achten’s Quality Roofing recommends answer the following questions to choose the right product:

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  1. What Is It Made Of?

Chimney caps are generally made of metal–usually stainless steel or copper. Some of them use galvanized steel to boost the durability of steel with the protective properties of zinc.

All of these metal options are desirable in their own way but the price is what generally separates them from one another. Galvanized steel is less costly than the stainless kind, but copper is considered a premium product because of its elegant appearance. When your other exterior features, like the gutter system, are made of copper, choose the same material for chimney cap for visual harmony.

  1. Does It Affect Draft?

The draft allows the smoke to move upward and out of your house. Sometimes, a chimney cap interferes with the draft, which may cause indoor air pollution.

To prevent this from happening, proper clearance is key. Achten’s Quality Roofing attests that the lid of the cap must be above the flue tiles by at least five inches. More is usually better.

  1. Will It Keep Wildlife At Bay?

Yes, it does but only when it comes with a heavy-duty mesh. Be wary of the size of the mesh’s holes. Smaller gaps clog quickly, which will affect the functionality of a chimney.

  1. Is It Resistant to Wind Damage?

Like gutter guards, chimney caps can be blown off by strong winds even when properly installed. To protect your finances and reduce the chances of wind damage, buy a product with a powerful warranty and put a premium on preventive maintenance.

  1. Can the Installation Be DIYed?

Installing a chimney cap yourself is a bad decision for several reasons. First, it is dangerous, for you may fall from a great height with one misstep. Second, you may void the warranty if you botch the installation. Third, you may eventually have to hire and pay a professional due to workmanship errors.

Treat chimney cap installation like a skylight addition. Yes, the cost of labor makes your project a bit costlier, but it is a necessary expense to get the job done properly, efficiently and safely.

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