Adding Skylights – Light and Leaks: Things to Consider Before


Just like any other home feature, adding skylights has pros and cons, but we absolutely love them and often install them at Achten’s Quality Roofing. The addition of natural light helps with lighting costs and indoor light quality. Artificial light has nothing on the lumens of the sun! Achten’s Quality Roofing is your go-to roofing contractor in the state of Washington for all your moss cleaning, roof service needs, roof repairs, roof replacements and all other roofing needs. Read on for a list of the things you need to know before installing skylights.

adding skylights

Roof Leaks Should Be Considered

Since your contractor will be cutting out part of your roof for adding skylights, there will be a higher risk of roof leaks. However, this shouldn’t be a concern for roofing systems that were installed properly. If they were, all the gaps should have been covered.

The Roof Slope 

The difficulty of the skylight installation depends on the slope of the roof. Flat roof skylights are easier to install than skylights for sloped roofs because they need less protective features to keep the rainwater out.

The Type of Skylight and Your Needs

You also need to take into account the function of the room before adding skylights. Flat roof skylights let in more sunlight, so they’re better suited to dark rooms. But if you’re installing skylights in a living space, sloped skylights are a better option. A bright room isn’t a conducive space for napping. But with sloped skylights, a more proportionate amount of sunlight enters the room. This ensures that the room isn’t too bright.

Adding Skylights

Adding Skylights – Consider their Size

Another factor that determines the amount of sunlight that enters a room when adding skylights is the size of the skylights. As a general rule, however, the bigger the skylight, the better it is. The amount of natural lighting shouldn’t be a problem, as you can always install shades and blinds to control the flow of light.

Adding Skylights


Another thing you need to think about is skylight maintenance. Normally, you’d need to clean your skylights at least once per year, although the frequency ultimately depends on how dirty they get. Since skylights are situated on top of your roof, cleaning them is a challenge, not to mention potentially risky. That’s why it would be better to leave all the roof cleaning work to the professionals.

Just make sure to hire a professional. Improper cleaning can scratch your windows or even cause leaks.

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