Cost of Roofing In Seattle WA


Cost of Roofing In Seattle WA
How Much Does A New Roof Cost In SeattleCost of Roofing In Seattle WAEvery re-roof project starts with a good question, “how much does it cost to replace a roof in Seattle.” If you are a home owner in the Seattle Metro area and your existing roof is beginning to leak or show signs of advanced wear and tear, then you are probably asking the exact same question. As a reliable source of roofing information and industry experience, I believe we can help point you in the right direction. There are many factors that determine the price of your roof and knowing them can help keep your potential roofing contractor honest, as they provide you with bids.

1) How Many Layers Are On The Existing Roof
In Washington State it is a law that you can only have 2 layers of roofing on your structure. For example, if you already have 2 layers of asphalt composition shingles on your roof you cannot add a third. There are older structures we run into that have 3-4 layers on them due to the fact that they were installed before some of these laws were enacted. When considering the price of a roof the number of existing layers can drastically affect the price. For every layer that needs to be removed additional labor and dump fees to legally dispose of the material will increase. It is important to know how many layers are on your roof when you begin the bidding process. Sometimes a particular roofers estimate will be drastically lower that the rest. At times they might have missed the fact that there was an additional layer and will need to provide a change order to cover the cost of the additional work. It is important to have the accurate amount of layers bid into your original contract to avoid potential discrepancies.

2) Pitch of the Roof: Another key factor to the price of your Seattle re-roof is the pitch of the roof. The way to determine the pitch of your roof is to measure the amount of vertical rise in one foot. If you start on the gable/rake edge and measure one foot and then measure how many vertical inches the roof rises that reveals your roof pitch. If your roof increases four inches in one foot then you have a 4:12 pitch. There are also roof pitch apps you can use on your smart phone that will help you to determine the roof pitch. The steeper the roof the roof the slower the roofing technicians will be able to work. The removal and installation process will cost more as the pitch degree increases. Most roofers begin to charge more money once a roof breaks the 5:12 mark.

3) Roofing System & Warranty
The next major factor in the price of your roof is the system and warranty that is offered by each contractor. There is such a wide variety of systems available but for the sake of simplicity we will focus on the two main options. The first is to go with a minimalist system with a standard material warranty. This provides you with a basic waterproofing system and a standard material warranty. The manufacturer does not cover any workmanship errors or cover anything other than the shingles or products they sell. This is going to be more economical but will not protect you as well as. The second option is to use a contractor that is certified with the manufacturer and installs a complete roofing system with an upgraded warranty. This is a more expensive option due to the fact that in order to offer the system warranty you have to utilize 4-8 components manufactured by the brand you are installing. For instance we install a GAF complete system which requires us to use their underlayment, starter, shingles, ridge cap and ice and water shield. By doing that the warranty becomes a 50 year non-prorated guarantee. The components cost a bit more than utilizing a cheaper generic brand accessory. If you want to have a comprehensive warranty the system will cost you a little bit more money but will last a lot longer.

4) Type Of Shingle Or Material
The final major price factor for a new roof is the type of material or shingle you plan to have installed on your roof. Asphalt laminated shingles can be broken down into three categories, 3 tab, laminate and designer shingles. 3 tab and architectural laminate shingles are prices similarily but premium designer shingles can cost up to 3 times more. If you are looking for something such as a GAF Grand Canyon roofing shingles you will pay quite a bit more due to the fact that the material cost more and the labor process is much more extensive.