Evaluating Your Roof Part 2: Degranulation


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Shingle Degranulation Can Cause Your Roof To Leak

Two weeks ago we featured the first blog in a series about evaluating your roofs health. We focused on missing shingles and shingle blow off. This week we would like to focus on a less obvious but just as serious issue called degranulation.

Degranulation of a roofing shingle is the process of the colored granules that are embedded into the asphalt beginning to fall out. The granules provide waterproofing and in some cases have a special copper coating that help to prevent algae from thriving on your roof. When your roof suffers a significant amount of granule loss your in danger of major roof leak.

3 Signs of Granule Loss On Your Shingle
Discoloration or loss of color with black patches shining through.
A sparkly shiny look means that the fiberglass mat is showing through the asphalt and granules.
Granules in the gutter on a frequent basis signifies the shingles are not retaining the granules.