How To Get Affordable Financing For Your Re-Roof Project In Seattle


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Re-Roofing In Seattle Made Affordable Through Budget Friendly Financing At Achten’s Quality Roofing

Do you live in Seattle and need to replace your roof? If so you are probably considering the cost and putting together a plan on how you are going to pay for it. The average cost of a roof these days will run you about $10-12,000! Don’t let that discourage you however, at Achten’s Quality Roofing we have incredible financing options that will keep your cash in your pocket.

First of all let us help relieve you of the anxiety you might be feeling going into your re-roof project. You dont have to dip into your retirement or break the bank and deplete your savings account. There, now that we have that out on the table you can go ahead and take a deep breath and relax, and your welcome! There is another option that can help you have your roof replaced for somewhere between $100-200 per month in most cases. Can you believe that! If you are like the average Pacific North-westerner you probably spend that much money on coffee every month. At Achten’s Quality Roofing we are here as your partner to make your home a safe place to be at an affordable cost. Seems to good to be true? It really isn’t!

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Our re-roof and home improvement loans are simple. We utilize Salal Credit Union. Salal Credit Union is a local establishment that serves the Pacific Northwest community and provides excellent interest rates and low payments for our customers. With their help nearly 40% of our 800-1000 Seattle re-roof customers every year are enabled to afford a new roof. Here is a break down of their terms:
Loan Requirements:
Become a member of Salal Credit Union which is as simple as providing your basis information.
You must be in good standing with the credit union.
A credit report will be pulled.
Meet legal terms for opening account.
Home Improvement Loan Structure:

  • Fixed APR — 7.99% with payments beginning 30 days from completion of job. No dealer cost.
  • Flexible Terms — Amounts financed from $1,000-$30,000 ($30,000+ acceptable) with terms up to 120 months. Minimum payment is $35. No mobile homes or manufactured homes, property must be “real property” on tax roles.
  • Specialty Programs — 6 month and 12 month deferred payment programs. No payments are required and only 30 days interest accumulation if customer decides not to pay in full during the deferred period.
  • Approvals good for 120 days

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Achten’s Quality Roofing is ready to help you take the first step towards your new roof! The application process is very simple, really it is. Lets start by having you fill out our estimate form which you can access on the link below. One of our estimators will contact you to set up an appointment and walk you through the process. Thank you for considering us to replace your roof!