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Metal Roofing

We partner with the top roofing manufacturers to bring you high-quality, high-performance metal roofing options.

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Metal Roofing

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Today’s metal roofing systems are no longer the “plain Janes” that they were years ago. With modern technology, metal roofing can be made to look like wood, stone or clay, and is available in assorted colors.


  • Durable – The primary benefit of metals roofs is their longevity, lasting two to four times longer than other roofing systems.
  • Versatile – Metals roofs are lightweight, allowing them to be installed directly on top of older roofs.
  • Functional – Metal roofs are painted with specialty formulated “cool pigments” so solar energy is reflected and emitted. This stops heat from being drawn into the attic and towards your living area.

We partner with the top roofing manufacturers to bring you high-quality, high-performance metal roofing options

Selecting the Right Panel for Your Roof

NRM 5000 Metal Roof


The traditional snap lock features the standing seam panel, with a concealed fastener design to self-lock and which eliminates attachment clips. It’s a proven, economical choice featuring triangular-shaped rubs that snap into an integrated locking edge. The slotted screws allow for some thermal movement.

NRM 5000 12 Width
NRM 1000 Metal Roof


The standard in home roofing, this panel’s floating clip design lets the panel expand and contract with thermal changes.

NRM 1000
NRM 1750 Metal Roof


Combining the snap lock and clip lock panel, this metal roofing option can meet almost any requirement with its integrated locking edge, factory-injected sealant and a floating clip attachment system.

NRM 1750
NRM 2000


Perfect for low-slope roofs, this panel features a hidden and floating clip attachment system with optional factory-injected seam sealant to create a watertight installation. An extra layer of power seam is added to seal the roof after the panel has been installed.

NRM 2000 Metal Roof

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