New GAF Glenwood™ Lifetime Designer Shingles


New GAF Glenwood™ Lifetime Designer Shingles
The Latest Premium Designer Shingles from GAF Roofing

The newest shingle from GAF is here and making big waves in the roofing industry! The latest release from the GAF company is a gorgeous brand of lifetime designer shingles they call “Glenwood™”. Achten’s Quality Roofing has had a strong relationship with GAF for years, as this is a roofing material manufacturer that truly knows how to make materials that emanate superior quality and professional roofing performance. When it comes to the installation of new systems for our customers, the GAF name is on almost every product that we offer throughout the course of construction. Our company stands by the incredible durability of these materials, and we trust the GAF name when it comes to products that we know will endure throughout the ages!
These Glenwood™ Shingles are a fantastic option for homeowners looking to establish a distinctive new look for their home or business, with an incredible wood-shake design that looks amazing from top to bottom! This brand of shingle features a triple-layer appearance that gives each new roof an ultra-dimensional look, with a style that resembles the authentic hand-cut designs of wood shakes. The GAF website states that there is no other asphalt shingle on the market with a triple-layer design that equals the density and thickness of this fantastic brand of roofing composition. These shingles are guaranteed to make any home or business stand out from the rest, with a new roofing system that performs at the peak of excellence and provides a look that is entirely unique!

Every shingle is created with artisan-crafted shapes, in order to create tabs that mesmerize, while providing an incredible level of roofing performance. These compositions are created with incredibly thick layers that work together, in order to provide customers with the greatest looks available! Glenwood™is constructed with StainGuard® Protection, to help keep your roofing system looking great, while preventing the unfortunate effects of blue-green algae that may try to offset its magnificent appearance. These shingles are one of the safest brands of material out there, as they come with a Class A fire rating from Underwriters Laboratories, which is the highest rating that a roofing material can attain! Glenwood™ Shingles are an incredible new brand of roofing material that provides miraculous results that will satisfy home and business owners with an outcome that is unmatched! Call us today at 1-800-ROOF-TOP to get your own free estimate!