Ponding Water and the Damage It Can Inflict on Flat Roofs


Commercial flat roofs aren’y completely flat. They’re slightly elevated to make sure the water flows down to the drains. Despite this, ponding water is an all too common sight on flat roofs. In most cases, ponding water is caused by drainage issues and shouldn’t be ignored. 

Left unattended, ponding water can inflict serious damage on your flat roof. Achten’s Quality Roofing, your go-to contractor in the state for gutter guards, further elaborates on the consequences below. 

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Moisture and UV Damage 

Due to their low slope, flat roofs are more exposed to UV rays and are consequently more susceptible to UV damage. UV rays can quickly break down the composition of the flat roof’s outer surface, turning it brittle and causing leaks. However, water can hasten the deterioration of the surface. Water can amplify the UV rays, causing premature damage to the roof membrane, flashing and coatings. 

Cracks and Vegetation

If enough dirt accumulates in the pond, vegetation may start to grow on your flat roof. Their roofs may cause cracks on the roof as their roots penetrate the outer layers, resulting in leaks. 

Seams and Roof Adhesives 

Flat roofs aren’t built to withstand moisture for too long. Eventually, water will find its way to its underlayers. The most vulnerable parts of your roof are usually the seams, which are covered with flashing. Once ponding water damages the flashing and seeps into the underlayers, moisture can weaken the adhesives used to bind field-fabricated single-ply laps. 

Flashing is also located along the parts where the roofing membrane and skylights meet. Arguably, the flashing here is more leak-prone than the ones found on the membrane. To make your skylight is resistant to leaks, make sure only a qualified contractor installs it.  

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