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New Roof Project

Ken Fox

Carl was referred to Ken by a trusted friend, it was a simple 8/12 hip roof so Carl was able to hand measure everything. Carl prefers to hand measure jobs where he can to keep his skills sharp and ensure quality measurements. Due to the fact, it was a metal roof Carl had Ken pick multiple colors to better alivate the supply chain issues that are more prevalent with metal roofs. Having clear communication and expectations helped Ken get a roof that he was truly happy with, installed by professionals he trusts.

“The quality, I had seen abunch of Achten’s work on other homes. It was very professional from statr to finish, i couldnt have been happier with the crew that was here,they were on time, clean and professional. i couldnt ask for a better business or better employess working here. Everything was very clear, as far as biginning process. If i have had any questions ive called, and i have been very impressed with the entire company. The roof is absolutley terrific, im truly impressed and thrilled i had the company do the work., and the finnished product is excellence. I’d call them first. I was impressed by the professionalism of the entire business. The roof is absolutely terrific, I’m truly impressed and thrilled that the company did the work, and the finished product is excellent.” – Ken Fox