The Importance of Proper Attic Ventilation During the Summer


Attic Ventilation is very important. The attic is more than just a storage space. It is also an important component of your roofing system that must not be overlooked. After all, it contributes to your home’s comfort, especially in the summer season and plays a significant role in extending the whole system’s service life. With proper ventilation, you can achieve all of this while saving money in the process.

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In today’s post, Achten’s Quality Roofing, your local roof contractor, explains the importance of attic ventilation this summer.

The Importance of Roof Ventilation

Having a well-ventilated attic is important to the health of your home. It helps keep your home cooler and can prevent damage to your roofing system. Ventilation also allows the air to move freely. This keeps your HVAC equipment running more efficiently and makes it less expensive to run.

If you have an attic that is not properly ventilated, you might notice that your home has high temperatures. You might even think that your air conditioning is not working. These problems are caused by poor attic ventilation. There are two main ways that this can happen: through stack effect and wind effect.

The stack effect occurs when warm air rises naturally from an enclosed area. As a result, your home becomes more comfortable and you do not have to turn on the air conditioner. However, if the attic is not vented properly, the hot air from the house can cause a buildup of moisture and mold. The moisture will then begin the condensation process. The resulting water can damage the roofing material and leak under the shingles.

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During the winter, a lack of attic ventilation can also lead to an ice dam. Ice dams are dangerous because they can cause a lot of damage to your roof. In addition, they can be very costly to repair. A proper ventilation system can prevent an ice dam from happening.

Wind vents and ridge vents are common types of attic ventilation. Both of these types of vents allow cool air to enter and a small amount of warm air to exit. They work best when there is a breeze or when wind blows directly into them.

Stack vents and soffits are other types of attic vents. Soffits are usually made from aluminum or wood, and they allow cool air to flow into the attic. On the other hand, ridge vents are made of a long piece of material that runs along the peak of your roof. Most modern attics have soffits, and they provide a good pathway for moist and cool air to circulate.

Proper attic ventilation can help your home stay cooler and more comfortable throughout the year. It can also help prevent a buildup of heat that can be dangerous to your home. Improper ventilation can also make it easier for insects to enter your home and can even cause damage to the insulation.

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Not only do soffits and vents allow your attic to stay healthier, they can also save you money. The average attic temperature is higher than the rest of the house, so it can be more expensive to heat. Attic ventilation can decrease this temperature, which lowers your energy bills. Moreover, it can prevent condensation and the buildup of ice on your roof. Lastly, it can protect your roofing shingle warranty.

A poorly ventilated attic can increase your electric bill and force your air conditioning to work harder. When you have proper attic ventilation, your roof will be stronger and last longer.

Lowering Energy Consumption

You may have the best roofing material installed on top of your home, like the Timberline® Cool Series® shingle or another product from GAF. Yet, it is not enough to regulate indoor temperatures. Still, healthy ventilation is necessary to allow your home to circulate air, taking in fresh air while removing heat and moisture efficiently. On a hot and humid day, the roof’s underside can feel like a furnace.

Turning your AC unit on helps solve the problem, but keeping it on just to maintain that level of comfort can result in higher energy bills. Many roof replacement pros agree that a hot attic takes more energy to cool than one that is properly ventilated.

Maintaining the Roof’s Overall Health

Without much-needed ventilation in your attic, the heat within the space can cause shingles to curl, buckle or blister. When this happens, the roof’s defense against wind resistance and UV light is compromised, resulting in its potential failure early on in its service life.

A well-ventilated attic prevents moisture from getting trapped inside. Of course, water can be a bad thing for the building materials that make up your home. Materials such as metal and wood, when exposed to water, are prone to corrosion and rot, respectively. The latter is of particular concern since it serves as a breeding ground for mold growth.

This summer, attic ventilation should be a priority if you are looking to replace your roof system. For this, turn to the experts from Achten’s Quality Roofing. A GAF Master Elite® contractor, we’re dedicated to finding solutions that fit your budget and lifestyle.

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