Questions to Ask a Roof Contractor Before Starting a Project


To ensure you choose the right roof contractor to handle your repair or replacement project, you need to consider several important factors. If you know what to look for in a contractor, you will be able to hire one that is not only highly skilled and experienced, but trustworthy as well.

In today’s post, [company_name], one of the most trusted roofers serving Tacoma and the surrounding areas, shares the questions you should ask a contractor before hiring them for your roofing project. These questions will help you get to know your roofer better and gauge their capability to provide you with outstanding services.

1. Are you licensed and insured?

It’s necessary that you work with a licensed and insured roofing contractor. Being licensed signifies that the contractor has met stringent local requirements on providing contracting services. Meanwhile, being fully insured and bonded gives you the assurance that you are protected from any liabilities that could arise during the fulfillment of the contract.

2. What services do you offer?

You want to work with a roofer that can provide you with complete services. [company_name] performs comprehensive roofing services. These include roof replacement, repair, maintenance and cleaning. We also specialize in gutters, which are an integral part of any roof.

3. Which roofing systems do you specialize in?

Find out whether the roofer you’re looking to hire is experienced in handling and installing your roof system and material of choice. Knowing what roof systems they offer also lets you look into the various options available.

4. Are you manufacturer-certified?

Ideally, you should work with a roofer that is certified by the manufacturer of the roofing materials they install. A certification means that the roofer has gone through intensive and continuous factory training.

5. What warranties do you provide

Reliable roofers offer comprehensive labor and product warranties. These serve as your protection against workmanship and material defects.

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