Ridge Vent Leaks: Why Do They Happen?


Ridge vent leaks can cause a lot of problems with your roof and you should always be on the look out for any type of leak above you, especially after a storm. Ridge vent leaks are something serious and must be dealt with accordingly. As soon as you experience ridge vent leaks or any problem in the event of a storm, don’t be quick to assume that a roof replacement is in order. Sometimes, the problem is not with the shingles, but with the other roof components, such as the ridge vent leaks.

Achten’s Quality Roofing, home of your local roof repair pros, explains the reasons ridge-vent leaks occur during storms.

ridge vent leaks

About the Ridge Vent

A ridge vent is installed at the peak of the attic or along the top ridge of the roof. It is critical to the health of the attic as it is responsible for helping circulate air throughout the entire space. Without the benefit of proper insulation and ventilation, the ridge vent can bring in moisture and heat, both of which can compromise the roof’s structural integrity and performance.

ridge vent leaks

Reasons for Ridge Vent Leaks

Any experienced roofer that has worked on various roof types know for a fact that shoddy workmanship can cause ridge vents to leak. Improper nailing—using the wrong nails or shorter nails than what is required—doesn’t keep the vents secured and in place. They become more prone to shifting during strong winds, causing them to pull right off the decking later on. Once this happens, the other roofing layers get exposed to the elements, paving the way for leaks.

Lack of sealant is also a reason why ridge vents leak. Without it, rainwater can gain access to the space between the vent and the shingle. Eventually, water makes its way to the attic and saturates the insulation with moisture. An expert roofing professional must ensure a bead of sealant is applied along the vents’ sections for a tight seal.

ridge vent leaks

A thorough inspection is all it takes to identify problems on your roof’s ridge vent, as well as on the other components of your roofing system. Achten’s Quality Roofing is ready to help you set up a maintenance schedule that will keep your roof in good working order.

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