Roof System Problem Areas: Here’s Where You Should Look


Exposed to a variety of elements, your roofing system is bound to have issues over time. However, it can be easy to anticipate what these problems could be if you know where to look. Hiring a professional to perform regular roof inspections will also help you spot issues early and avoid more serious damage to your roofing system.

Roof System Problem Areas: Here’s Where You Should Look

Read on as Achten’s Quality Roofing, the area’s premier provider of superior roofing services, lists four of the most common trouble areas of a roofing system.


With roof shingles, you’re likely to encounter discoloration and curling issues. You might also have to deal with missing or broken shingles from time to time. Any of these will surely give your roof a bad look. These often mean bigger problems for your home. Discoloration usually indicates roof leaks, while curling is the result of insufficient ventilation or improperly installed fasteners. Missing shingles are the expressway to rot.


Gutters are one of your roof’s trouble spots due to the amount of dirt and debris they accumulate over time. This buildup prevents water from flowing properly, and the weight of excess water and leaves can cause them to sag and pull away from the fascia. It doesn’t have to come to this, though. With regular roof cleaning, the gutters will be able to do their job perfectly.


Flashings seal the edges of your roofing system so that water won’t penetrate and cause leaks. Typically, weather and oxidation are the reasons behind the deterioration of flashings. But sometimes they simply become loose after some time.


Fascia, or roof trim, functions to protect the edge of your roof from outdoor elements, especially water. Its exposure to moisture makes this part of your roofing system highly susceptible to rot and damage.

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