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Achten’s Quality Roofing specializes in installing, repairing and maintaining tile roofs.

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Tile Roofing Repair & Cleaning

For over 5,000 years, tile roofs have featured legendary craftsmanship and timeless taste. Tile roofs have durability beyond compare since they are made from natural materials and transformed by fire. They can remain virtually unchanged for centuries.

  • Best Possible Tile Roof
    Tile roofs can last for a century or more, providing the longest lifespan compared to other roofing systems. They are engineered to allow natural water shedding and ventilation. The tile’s weight, strength and sustainability make it the perfect choice among homeowners in all regions.
  • Wide Selection Of Colors & Styles
    Roof tiles come in numerous colors, shapes and dimensions! With the help of modern technology, concrete and clay manufacturers can produce tiles to suit any architectural style. The possibilities for tile roofs are endless because they can be flat or round, simulate other roofing or even replicate century-old roofing styles.
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Available Roofing Types


True two-piece Mission barrel tile evokes history, security and luxury. With a simple, practical design that dates back to the Bronze Age, mission tiles have adorned the roofs of palaces, temples and early development in California, to name a few.


The charm of traditional small barrel, high-arch clay tile is captured beautifully by the two-piece Monarch tile. It’s perfect for homeowners wanting to add a refined roof that’s distinctive, vibrant and universally appealing. Monarch tiles are rich with the time-honored aura of kiln-fired clay, made with modern consistency and efficiency to the most exacting standards of quality, strength and durability.


The sophisticated composition of the one-piece “S” clay tile accents the roof’s curve and creates a distinct, elegant dimensional color. The covers and pans of classic barrel tiles are joined into a single, strong, efficient piece that radiates the traditional clay tile appeal. It offers superior durability without compromising true, kiln-fired looks.


With the beauty of kiln-fired clay and the efficiency advantage of one-piece “S” tile, ClayLite tiles are a genuine clay tile that reduces weight by as much as 40%. Made from the same natural materials as our standard-weight tile, ClayLite is designed especially for re-roofing.


ClayMax lightweight tile offers a modern twist on the classic theme. It is a low-profile, double-barrel tile that embodies the beauty and benefits of clay tile in a design that pairs resilience with sensibility. This tile type is perfect for re-roofing as well as residential and commercial buildings. It fulfills most HOA requirements, where weight, durability and value are considered important.


Romano Pans trace their roots back to the ancient Greeks. The flat-bottomed pan is designed to be used with either Mission or Monarch barrel-shaped tops and creates a look reminiscent of classical European look and style. Setting off the barrel tile, Romano Pans allow design flexibility, create a stunning style and show the best of taste.

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