Trendiest Roofing Materials in 2019


Choice of material is a vital barometer of roof longevity. Strength and durability are not the only measures of quality, but do not overlook them to crown your property with a reliable roof covering.

Trendiest Roofing Materials in 2019

In Achten’s Quality Roofing‘s book, below are the hottest roof types to consider this 2019.


Asphalt shingles remain the most sought-after product on the market because of their affordability. Despite being labeled as the economical roofing option, manufacturing innovations have made them resilient. A great example is GAF’s Advanced Protection® Technology, which involves 4,375 quality checks to spot defects early on.

Thanks to modern technology, asphalt roof shingles continue to be more indistinguishable from traditional materials like wood and slate. Reinforced by supplementary components, a complete asphalt-shingle roofing system can come with a robust product and workmanship warranty.


It is hard to think of something negative about metal roofs. They are leak-resistant by design, less susceptible to moisture damage and lightweight. Metal roofs were arguably style-restrictive, but today’s products can now be made to appear like stone or timber. They are naturally energy-efficiently, but the thermal properties of many of them are enhanced because of cool pigments.


This material is second to none on almost every level, but its price tag has made it out of reach of most property owners. Fortunately, clever design modifications have turned slate more affordable without being any less effective.

Achten’s Quality Roofing admits that GAF’s TruSlate® is a game-changer. This product features genuine slate but replaces the covered portion with a high-tech waterproofing material. In turn, the TruSlate System is appealing to more budgets

Moreover, TruSlate makes roof repair projects more convenient. Since all individual pieces can be rearranged or removed without affecting the surrounding ones, it is easy to fix the broken slates.

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