What to Expect From the Public Buildings Renewal Act of 2019


With the introduction of The Public Buildings Renewal Act of 2019 (S. 932), old schools and public facilities across the United States may have a chance at accessing private financing for much-needed improvements and upgrades.

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Achten’s Quality Roofing, a trusted company with expertise in various roof types, shares more information about the proposed legislation.

The Public Buildings Renewal Act and Its Expected Benefits

The Public Buildings Renewal Act of 2019 aims to provide tax-exempt financing to the private sector for repairing and maintaining government-owned building across the country.

According to the proposed legislation, eligible facilities would include:

  • elementary or secondary schools;

  • facilities of state colleges and universities that are used for educational purposes;

  • hospital, health care, laboratory or research facilities;

  • public libraries and others.

Bill sponsors are confident that offering incentives for private financing will encourage public-private partnerships, lower the cost for taxpayers, and create jobs. But more than that, they also stressed the importance of improving public buildings as a public health and safety issue that affects all Americans.

The Roofing Industry Supports S. 932

The roofing industry isn’t shy to express its support for the bipartisan bill. In its statement, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) encouraged Congress to approve legislation that will provide improvements to old and overburdened public facilities in a fiscally responsible manner.

NRCA also urged the government to recognize the role of roof repair, installation and design in ensuring building functionality, resiliency, sustainability and energy efficiency.

In the same statement, the organization emphasized that implementing best practices and consensus building codes and standards is essential to deliver maximum value to building owners and taxpayers.

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