Need a New Roof in the Tacoma Area? Here’s Your Guide


We’ve finally gotten a taste of spring, and summer is just around the corner. That means more warm weather, less rain and peak roofing season! We are excited to serve all of our clients throughout the South Sound. As this crucial time of year approaches we wanted to give some pointers when it comes to your new roof. 

What A Comprised Roof Looks Like

While things like a tree branch through the ceiling are obvious signs of roof damage, there are other more subtle things to look out for as well.

  • Peeling paint can be a sign of issues with your roof. A failing roof can lead to poor ventilation which in turn leads to trapped moisture. This trapped moisture can cause exterior paint to blister and peel.
  • Leaks are another obvious but sometimes harder to find issue. It can be helpful to check attics or crawl spaces after inclement weather. Puddles are a clear sign of a leak.
    • Leaks can present themselves in more obvious places as well. New stains in the ceiling or walls can be signs of an issue. Prolonged leaking can lead to potential mold and mildew in the walls and ceiling.
  • Decking decay is another sign of damage that needs to be addressed. Every roof has a plywood foundation that serves as the building block for the rest of the project. A lack of ventilation or an excess of moisture can cause decay and rot. This often manifests itself in saggy ceilings, broken gutters, or missing shingles (one way to stave off decay is by getting your roof cleaned). 

Age and Environment 

One of the first questions people have when considering a replacement for their roof is “how long should my current one last?” It makes sense. After all, if your roof is technically below the usual lifespan, it might sound like a better deal to wait and save until it truly becomes an issue. Here in the Seattle Tacoma area a roof will usually last between 15 and 20 years.

Typically though, the answer to the question of how long your current roof will last you varies. 

Ballpark estimates for the durability and longevity of a roof depend on things besides age, such as local weather patterns and the quality of the roofing materials. 

Local weather patterns also factor into your roof’s durability. Inclement weather events can fall trees onto your home or rip shingles free, expediting your roof’s “expiration” date. Sometimes a new roof is closer than you think simply due to climate.

Lack of Maintenance 

Especially in wetter climates like Western Washington, moss, algae, and lichen thrive on rooftops. When left unchecked, these plants can spread across your entire roof. Once established, they are very difficult to remove. The damage these plants can have on your roof is two-fold. The moss that grows can leave black stains on your roof, turning your roof into an eye-sore. At the same time, these growths can displace and deteriorate shingles, leading to eventual water damage and wood rot. 

Why Get A New Roof Instead Of Repairing Your Puyallup Home?

Repairs are definitely useful and have their time and place. However, there are some advantages that a new roof has over simple fixes here and there.

As your roof gets older, repairs become less of a cure and more of a band-aid for the underlying problems that come with an aging roof. Leaks, holes, and other issues become more prevalent with an aging roof. While it may seem more cost-effective to pursue a “patch-as-you-go” sort of fix, the truth is that those issues will continue to crop up with increasing frequency until you replace your roof for good.

Additionally, frequent repairs can negatively affect the overall aesthetic of your roof. Shingles are weathered by sun, rain, and other elements. When you get a repair done, oftentimes the new roof shingles won’t match the original that are still intact. This can lead to an overall less uniform look.

By replacing your roof with a new roof all at once, you can rest assured that its function and aesthetic are addressed effectively the way you want them.

Ultimately, the biggest reason why replacement is better than repair is that most roofing repairs do not have a warranty on them. With a new roof, you are guaranteed a warranty. The Golden Pledge Warranty we offer is one the industries top warranties. The Golden Pledge Warranty has a labor warranty for up to 30 years and up to 50 years on the materials. This covers all costs including tear off, disposal, labor and materials, with a new warranty if needed, with no deductible or cost to the homeowner. 

You can check out more warranties that GAF offers here.

What Options Are There?

At Achten’s Quality Roofing We offer a range of styles and materials. Our roofing technicians have a minimum of 5 years of experience and are heading to make your dream a reality. We offer composition, metal, composite, and single ply roofing systems. The material you choose for your home depends on what your needs are and how you want it to look.

Want a contemporary flat roof? Or have one that needs repair? We do that too!

You can even opt to only add flat roofing to a certain section of the roof to accommodate a garage, balcony, or shed.

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Feature: Our Glenwood Project

This is a new roof project (also viewable on our instagram) that our crew finished a few weeks ago in beautiful Tacoma! The color our clients chose is ‘Adobe Clay’. These shingles are part of the GAF– Roofing Glenwood Series. The Glenwood Serieswood shake-look shingles are expertly crafted to look authentically wooden. They’re the best triple-layer asphalt shingle available and come to a beautiful finish as seen on this project.

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For more information visit our Roof Replacement page here.

At Achten’s Quality Roofing in Tacoma, we offer full service maintenance on your new roof. If a new roof isn’t necessary at this time around, but you’re in need of some repairs, contact us and we can schedule your appointment for a roof inspection.