Leave The Moss To The Trees, Not Your Roof


Leave The Moss To The Trees, Not Your Roof
Living in Washington State has it’s advantages; summers that near perfection, access to mountains and water, and a seemingly endless supply of rain. All that rain, however, can wreck havoc on your roof. The Puget Sound area averages 37.41 inches of rain a year. That, plus higher levels of humidity means more moss and algae growth than drier climates, which can accumulate on roofs and shorten the life span of composite asphalt shingles.

As moss grows, it’s root system settles under the shingles, keeping them damp. Over time, this moisture can cause asphalt shingles to erode, causing you to replace your roof years before it’s time. Fortunately, Achten’s Quality Roofing in Tacoma, WA has a few helpful tips for removing moss build-up on your roof. All you need is a scrub brush attached to a long pole.

To remove moss, use a standard bristle brush to push down the roof so that the moss roots will break free from the shingles. Avoid brushing upwards as to not damage the shingle layers. If you’d like to take it a step further, you can use an oxygen bleach solution mixed with water to help loosen the roots for a more complete removal. Moss and algae when wet becomes very slippery. Be sure to work from dry areas to avoid falling.

If you want to take it ONE MORE step further, adding copper to the roof can help prevent moss build-up to begin with. This can be done by placing strips of copper towards the top of the roof. Here’s the nifty part. The rain actually helps spread the copper molecules down the roof which creates an environment unsuitable for the growth of moss! It’s easy to install and over time, begins to oxidize and turn a darker shade that will blend in with most roofs.

Have additional questions on how to clean your roof or need an estimate to replace? Achten’s Quality Roofing in Tacoma, WA serves all of The Puget Sound, including Seattle, Bellevue, Bremerton, Olympia and more.