Re-Roof VS Repair


Re-Roof VS Repair
Should I Re-Roof My Home Or Just Have A Simple Repair Performed?

It is not in every situation that your roof needs to be replaced. At Achten’s Roofing we have a full service roof repair and maintenance program that is designed to service every aspect of your roofing needs. Without a full service program that goes beyond just replacing your roof, many times you end up being sold something that you really don’t need. We protect our clients from these types of scenarios and would like to provide a few guidelines that can help steer you in the right direction, as to what you do and do not need.

1) Leak repair can often be a viable solution. Are you experiencing leaks in several areas or just one centralized area? A roof technician will be able to locate where your roof is leaking by entering the attic space and checking for water migrations spots. If your roof has just one or two points of entry and the shingles still have lots of life left in them, then repair is definitely a better option.

2) Improper fastening of the roofing system is something that will adversely affect the roof. If the installer does not have experience, they can often nail too far above or below the nailing line. They might also have their air pressure set to high on their compressor and end up blowing the nail right through the shingles. Either of these situations will produce shingles that are easily removed with a minimal amount of pressure or wind. This situation would warrant a complete replacement. Make sure you check with your potential contractor to ensure they are using a minimum of 4 nails per shingle! Check out the example in the video below.