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Best of the Best
Achten’s Quality Roofing is at it again. Our team of certified roofing installers just finished installing another Master Elite quality roofing system in Lacey, WA. As a roofing contractor in Lacey, WA it’s our mission to provide the very best waterproofing system on your home at the best price with the best service. The project has many interesting surprises as we opened up the roof deck and with the weather but our experienced team had no problem getting the job done with no issues at all!

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The Scope Of Work Performed On This Roof
Whenever you tear-off an old roofing system you just never know what you might run into. On this particular residence we found a tremendous amount of rot on the roof deck that needed to be replaced. It’s critical to create a solid and sound substrate for the new roofing system to be installed on. Rotten roof decks often are the cause of shingle blow off. The nails come out easily with larger gusts of wind.

In addition we installed new 15 # D226 heavy saturated asphalt felt as a vapor barrier and underlayment. We utilized Weather Watch leak barrier in the valleys, roof to wall and sidewall transitions and around roof penetrations such as the plumbing pipe boots. Every roof we install gets a complete roof system with starter and factory made ridge to top off our field shingles. On this particular roof we installed a GAF Timberline roofing shingle system with a Weather Stopper 50 year complete system warranty. Hands down we provide the very best warranty protection available to home owners in the Puget Sound. That is why we were selected as the only GAF Presidents Award winning contractor in Washington State in 2013. This makes us you best choice for a roofing contractor in Lacey, WA.

About Timberline Shingles
GAF Timberline HD shingles are the # 1 selling roofing shingle in America. They are also architects choice, women’s choice and builders choice. In addition they boast the Good Housekeeping organizations seal of approval. Their patented advanced shingle technology has passed the highest level of extreme testing that any shingle has ever endured. That is why 90% of the shingles we install are GAF Timberline.

About The Weather Stopper Warranty
The Weather Stopper warranty is the answer to a long standing problem in the roofing industry. Getting adequate protection beyond what the roofer can offer is critical in today’s industry. The Weather Stopper Systems Plus Warranty provides a 50 year non-prorated umbrella warranty that covers the entire roofing system instead of just shingles. These warranties come standard with our GAF roofing systems ensuring that you are protected for years to come. We have another warranty option called the Golden Pledge which provides a 25 year workmanship warranty backed by GAF manufacturer. Call us today for more details.

Why Achten’s Quality Roofing Is Your Safest Choice For A Lacey Roofing Contractor
In our decade of operating as a licensed, bonded and insured roofing contractor we have quickly earned a reputation of providing an incredible value at an affordable price. Our commitment to excellence, safety and continued education earned us the Presidents Award from GAF in 2013. The Presidents Award is the highest level of recognition you can earn as a roofing contractor and we were the only one in Washington State to receive the award for 2013. In addition to installing nearly 1000 quality roofing system in the Puget Sound a year we also enforce stringent safety regulations. This ensures that you will have a minimal risk of accidents on your property while we are on the job. It is not uncommon for many roofing contractors in Lacey, WA to install a roof with out a harness or safety line. Every one of our technicians wears a harness, safety line anchoring them to the roof, a hard hat and safety glasses on each job. They are rewarded with bonuses for having a clean safety record. That is why we are a safe and reliable choice for your next residential or commercial roofing project.